•  ICP Backplate (U.S/NATO)
  •  ICP Backplate (U.S/NATO)
ICP Backplate (U.S/NATO)  ICP Backplate (U.S/NATO)

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The aluminum back plate comes in a U.S and NATO MLU version. They are sold at difference prices. However, All the mounting holes for screws, switches and the rectangular opening are identical in location and size. 

The plates have been anodized in yellow before powder coat painted in the front face. A bracket for the DCS switch is included for both versions. 

By default, the following mounting holes have been pre-drilled.
In order to mount the main controller board to its back, four countersunk screw holes are pre-drilled from the front to the back.
Another 6 vertical through holes are pre-drilled to mount the front panel onto the backplates. 
Please specify before purchase if you don't need these holes.

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